A Change is Upon Us!

Hello you lovely lot,

this is just a little PSA to let you all know that I have finally taken the plunge, and jumped over to WordPress. As much as I have enjoyed my time here on blogger, the benefits of moving to WordPress outweigh the postives of staying here. Alongside the move, TwentySomething now has it's own personal domain and can now be found at www.twentysomethinganddaydreaming.co.uk | I am pretty excited about all this.

But head over there now and take a look at the new change. All the best, and see you on the other side xo

Boxing day Lush Haul

Each and every single year I promise myself that I won’t be tempted in to the Lush Boxing Day  sale, and every single time I fail. And believe me when I say that this year was no different. There is something so utterly tempting about 50% offers, especially when the Lush Christmas range is some of your favourite bath scents.

Shoot For the Stars
This year was one of my biggest hauls as not only did I find myself queuing up in store, but I also placed an order online, so in true haul fashion, I have decided to share with you my Lush purchases.

In store:
  • Two Butter Bear bath bombs
  • Snow Fairy show gel
  • Snow Fairy FUN 
  • So White bath bomb
  • Santasuarus Bubble wand
  • Shoot For the Stars bath bomb
  • Northern Lights bath bomb
  • Cyanide Pill bath bomb
  • Australian Igloo sugar scrub
  • Rosey Cheeks face mask

Although I've used the majority of these products before, Shoot For the Stars was one of the bath bombs I'd yet to use but I am so glad I did. I completely fell in love with the colour, and the scent it gave. It also left my skin feeling wonderfully soft. I mean, the glitter it left behind was a little problematic, however I think i'll get over that. I just wish I had of picked up a few more of these delights.

The online order that I placed with Lush was the first online order I had placed, and I couldn't resist purchasing a few of the Lush Kitchen Exclusives, such as the Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub. I am yet to try this, but I can't wait until I do!

Blogmas Day 25 | My Highlights

It's safe to say that this year has truly been a rollercoaster of emotions, not just for myself but I guess I can speak on behalf of the majority of us when I say that 2016 has been a utter load of poo. But it has had it's moments..

For me, my biggest highlight of 2016 is graduating with a 2:1 in Childhood Studies from the University of Sunderland. I have never felt so happy, and proud of myself, and all of my fellow classmates. During the graduation ceremony I couldn't help but keep saying"we did it" over, and over, and over again. It didn't seem real. Standing on that stage, in front of friends, family, class mates and educators just filled me with immense pride. But, I think what made graduation so special for me was being able to graduate with my friends and peers. We had worker so damn hard over the last three years, I could help but smile while watching the others graduate too.


Another highlight for me was heading to Bulgaria for a little family holiday my cousins, aunties, and extended family. I only went for a week, with my cousin Holly while all the rest went for two but it was still amazing. And after everything we had been through before that, it was just what we all needed. Sun, cocktails and my family, all in the same place.

But these where the big things, the little things really shouldn't be taken for granted. Some of the small things include seeing my family more, and building a relationship with members of the family I was never too close with in the beginning. It's spending more time with my best friend who lives over 100 miles away. It's finding a job that I enjoy, and getting the courage to further my education. It's finding where I am happiest and learning that although life can deal you a bad hand, there is always a good hand to follow. It's releasing that although this year has been pretty rough, I've come out the other side of it stronger, happier and more determined than ever.

So that's my highlights of 2016.. I've loved, and hated this year. But like I said above, I've come out of the other side and I am ready for whatever 2017 throws at me.

What are your highlights of the year? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear about them.

                                                        Bye for now my little pumpkins

Disclaimer: I just wanted to thank you all for the lovely comments, and support I have received throughout blogmas. It's really helped me to become more determined and focused in terms of blogging and I have enjoyed this so, so much. I hope you all have!